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April Air (MIDI, 2.3kb, 1' 15", folk/childrens) by Daniel Rowe
Revenge of the Snerps (MIDI, 7.1kb, 1' 47", quirky/bluegrass) by Daniel Rowe
Freeze-Dried Teleprompters (MIDI, 3.6kb, 1' 17", dreampop/exotica) by Daniel Rowe
Hymn Four Horns number 34 (MP3, 5.2Mb, 2' 11", hymn/bluegrassgospel) by Jim Taylor
Hymn Four Horns number 33 (MP3, 8.6Mb, 3' 43", hymn/chorale) by Jim Taylor
Hymn Four Horns number 32 (MP3, 4.6Mb, 2' 0", hymn/march) by Jim Taylor
RealJarski (MP3, 1.5Mb, 1' 6", crazy/synthesizer) by Patrick May
The Prairie Way (MIDI, 5.2kb, 1' 56", folk/ballad) by Daniel Rowe
Hymn Four Horns number 31 (MP3, 4.0Mb, 1' 43", hymn/chorale) by Jim Taylor
Curious Raisins (MIDI, 5.7kb, 1' 29", blues/boogaloo) by Daniel Rowe
Hymn Four Horns number 30 (MP3, 4.0Mb, 1' 41", hymn) by Jim Taylor
Technicolor Madman (MIDI, 6.1kb, 1' 35", bastardpop/testy) by Daniel Rowe

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30th April 2004 - Bitterroot - - copyright © 2004 Dan Rowe, all rights reserved. (4 k, 87 sec)
May 1st 2001 - "3:00 AM" - by Jim Taylor. Copyright © 2001 James K Taylor, all rights reserved. The title says it all. (25 k, 83 sec)
May 1st 1998 - Tuned In - - raw MIDI notes! (1 k, 15 sec)
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Desktop (posted by Jim Taylor, 23 Apr 2016, 10:23)

Does anyone still use a desktop at home? How many did you own before switching to a laptop? When did you get your first computer. I got mine in 83. It was some kind of little Radio Shack computer called an MC-80. Then I bought an Apple 2+. Once I started using Microsoft, I guess I have owned around 4 desktops and two laptops. I can't imagine going back to a desktop.

Zip Disks (posted by Daniel Rowe, 28 Mar 2016, 23:49)

No, I never used them. But I remember using the 5.25 inch floppy back in the 1980s, and I believe you can still buy them new, if you look around! Weird, how there is a market for just about anything...

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