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Variations on a movement by Handel (MP3, 8.5Mb, 3' 42", fun/semiclassical) by Jim Taylor
Hymn For Horns number 42 (MP3, 8.5Mb, 3' 35", classical/christian) by Jim Taylor
Frozen Silence (MIDI, 2.8kb, 1' 13", filmscore) by Daniel Rowe
Hymn Four Horns number 41 (MP3, 7.8Mb, 3' 22", hymn/countrygospel) by Jim Taylor
Hymn Four Horns number 40 (MP3, 3.9Mb, 1' 38", hymn/march) by Jim Taylor
Hymn Four Horns number 39 (MP3, 5.1Mb, 2' 11", hymn/christian) by Jim Taylor
Soft Seclusion (MIDI, 75.4kb, 1' 40", unknown/soundtrack) by Daniel Rowe
Hymn Four Horns number 38 (MP3, 8.2Mb, 3' 34", hymn/gospel) by Jim Taylor
Hymn Four Horns number 37 (MP3, 6.2Mb, 2' 37", chorale/hymn) by Jim Taylor
Dripping Weasels (MIDI, 8.2kb, 1' 40", blues/animal) by Daniel Rowe
Hymn Four Horns number 36 (MP3, 6.4Mb, 2' 42", hymn/bluegrassgospel) by Jim Taylor
Hymn Four Horns number 35 (MP3, 5.5Mb, 2' 12", hymn) by Jim Taylor

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27th May 2004 - Menina, que belos olhos! (from Suite Cirandas for Piano, Lovizol Concerts 14) - - copyright © 2004 Ricardo Frantz (lovizol at terra DOT com dot br), all rights reserved. Dedicated to Marcelo Frantz (4 k, 53 sec)
May 28th 2001 - The 4th Estate - by Jim Taylor. Copyright © 2001 James K Taylor, all rights reserved. This piece evolved as I wrote it (between 4 and 6am, 20 May 2001). Sometimes, to compose, just start writing notes, listen to it, and see where it takes you. All music has a logical sequence, harmony and duration, but we often short change where a piece can go. This one could have been much longer, but it's a start. (37 k, 121 sec)
May 28th 1998 - Espeleología básica - - Copyright © 1998 by Armando Guinea Pérez: "I send you from Spain a new-age file. I hope you enjoy it. Saludos." (36 k, 338 sec)
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Desktops Not Extinct Yet! (posted by Daniel Rowe, 6 May 2016, 23:53)

Like Jerzy and Patrick, I still use a desktop computer. My favorite version of Cakewalk (a sequencer program) is incompatible with my newer computer, so I use a HP Pavilion, at least 15 years old, for music-making. Kudos to HP for building a machine so reliable.

I started out on the Commodore 64, which had one cool feature: ring modulation and hard-sync sounds. You could actually make your own sci-fi sounds, like ray guns, quite easily. The Amiga came a little later, which Jerzy had.

Re: Desktop (posted by Patrick May, 30 Apr 2016, 21:41)

I still use a desktop computer. Laptops are convenient, but desktops are still good if you want lots of disk space, processor/graphics power, a full size keyboard, etc. In my case, I have two monitors attached to my computer, which is very useful for multitasking and image editing which I do occasionally.

The first computer I used was a BBC Micro, which belonged to my dad. I played games on it but not much else, since I was pretty young at the time, that was around 1991. It used the old 5 inch floppies that Daniel mentioned.

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