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BioFungus (MP3, 2.2Mb, 1' 50", experimental/crazy) by Patrick May
Midnight in America (MIDI, 10.4kb, 2' 42", halloween) by Daniel Rowe
Hey! (MP3, 3.8Mb, 4' 4", electronicalternative) by Jerzy Kulik
Sonata-fantasia (MP3, 12.1Mb, 13' 14", romantic) by Nikolay Trotsenko
The Sad Mummer (MIDI, 78.7kb, 0' 58", zen) by Daniel Rowe
John Roddy's Rod (2013) (MP3, 2.0Mb, 1' 7", crazy/hardcore) by Patrick May
The Mad Gummer (MIDI, 3.8kb, 0' 58", bluegrass) by Daniel Rowe
D.D.Werg (mp3 version) (MP3, 946.8kb, 0' 54", experimental/synthesizer) by Patrick May
D.D.Werg (midi version) (MIDI, 107.6kb, 0' 56", experimental/synthesizer) by Patrick May
Crossword (MIDI, 5.3kb, 1' 3", short/electro) by Daniel Rowe
TestSong (MP3, 935.9kb, 0' 56", crazy/testy) by Patrick May
Haunt (MIDI, 169.0kb, 0' 53", scary) by Daniel Rowe

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22nd November 2003 - Theme and Variants - by Jim Taylor. Copyright © 2003 James K Taylor, all rights reserved. (29 k, 176 sec)
November 21st 2000 - Midnight in Middle Age - - As with 80% of my compositions, that was all recorded in less than 1 hour. I didn't quantize it. I think it's a good composition because it has many different climates and moments, giving you surprises, like it was not one composition but many. (Symphonic heavy metal) As always, I really want comments. Copyright © 2000 Adolfo Mendonça, all rights reserved. Part of the continuing celebrations of CMD's 3rd birthday. (36 k, 172 sec)
November 22nd 1997 - Loumph - (6 k, 69 sec)
(From 19 November 1997 until 18 November 2006 we featured one new original MIDI file each day - there are well over 3000 of these, and we'll feature some different ones each day. These are all smallish MIDI files, and suitable for downloading quickly via dial-up connections.)


Re: sound systems (posted by Patrick May, 9 Oct 2018, 16:12)

I've noticed something similar. I bought a cheap mp3 player and I noticed that the sound quality sounded pretty thin and was lacking in bass, even while I was using my good quality Koss Portapro headphones. But I haven't noticed any sound quality problems with better quality mp3 players, or my laptop (as long as I'm listening through good headphones of course. Laptop speakers never sound good)

Sounding off (posted by Daniel Rowe, 27 Aug 2018, 18:47)

I encourage visitors here to listen to the sound files on a good computer and sound system. Smart phones, laptops, etc. are great, but they just don't reproduce the sound as the composer or arranger intended. I listened to a number of tunes here on my new cell phone, and it was slightly depressing. Even piano sounds too "electronic" to my ears.
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