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Winter Garden (MIDI, 6.7kb, 1' 12", nature) by Daniel Rowe
One (MIDI, 6.4kb, 1' 1", zen/bastardpop) by Daniel Rowe
Father Time (MIDI, 2.7kb, 1' 21", quirky) by Daniel Rowe
Ice Queen (MIDI, 8.1kb, 2' ", icelandic) by Daniel Rowe
Hallelujah Echos (MP3, 3.3Mb, 3' 34", baroque/classical) by Jim Taylor
Hallelujah grotesque (MP3, 6.0Mb, 4' 22", christmas/classical) by Keith Bramich
Hallelujah Fantastique (MP3, 3.5Mb, 3' 41", christmas/altrock) by Jim Taylor
Tete De Mort (MIDI, 67.7kb, 0' 52", neoclassical) by Daniel Rowe
The Last Temptation of Ebenezer Scrooge (MIDI, 314.8kb, 1' 14", itchy/animal) by Daniel Rowe
Prattle (MIDI, 213.9kb, 1' 3", surfrock/roasted) by Daniel Rowe
Tattle (MIDI, 241.2kb, 1' 4", algorithmic/bizarre) by Daniel Rowe
Charlotte (MIDI, 10.1kb, 1' 49", ballad) by Daniel Rowe

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Thursday 19th January 2006 - Windy Afternoon - by Jim Taylor. Copyright © 2006 James K Taylor, all rights reserved. I never quite understood the difference between a two or four part invention (Bach style) and a fugue (must have slept through that 8:00 AM music theory class many moons ago). Well anyway, I'll let you be the judge. What is quite interesting is that we did not obtain a set of music rules from Bach. The rules and the way we still write most of our music were derived from the study of his compositions. (13 k, 79 sec)
19th January 2003 - Buttonhole - - copyright © 2002 Denis Desbiens, all rights reserved. (12 k, 187 sec)
January 19th 2000 - Waiting to be Born - - copyright © 2000 by Andy Savage. (25 k, 192 sec)
(From 19 November 1997 until 18 November 2006 we featured one new original MIDI file each day - there are well over 3000 of these, and we'll feature some different ones each day. These are all smallish MIDI files, and suitable for downloading quickly via dial-up connections.)


Hello! (posted by Daniel Rowe, 24 Nov 2017, 23:16)

It's been three months since I've posted anything, but I see the Diary is still here, with a few new tunes. I know Thanksgiving is an "American" holiday, but I'd like to take this occasion to thank Keith for giving us this platform to express ourselves.
public domain art

A little joke for you music makers (posted by Jim Taylor, 8 Nov 2017, 03:27)

What is the password to Forest Gump's computer?
One Forest One

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