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Alexander Gunnarsson (mp3 version) (MP3, 1.3Mb, 1' 10", happy/synthesizer) by Patrick May
Alexander Gunnarsson (MIDI, 67.4kb, 1' 10", happy/synthesizer) by Patrick May
Backflash (MIDI, 5.9kb, 1' 38", slim/rock) by Daniel Rowe
VoiceBlackPeople (MP3, 2.0Mb, 1' 50", black/synthpop) by Patrick May
F. Chopin Prelude D flat major (raindrop) (MP3, 4.1Mb, 4' 31", classical/romantic) by Jerzy Kulik
J. S. Bach Partita No 2 in D minor (3. Sarabande) (MP3, 3.8Mb, 4' 11", classical) by Jerzy Kulik
R. Wagner - Ride of the Valkyries (MP3, 4.7Mb, 5' 10", classical/opera) by Jerzy Kulik
Epigram (MIDI, 3.8kb, 1' 31", ballad/waltz) by Daniel Rowe
Ed Gein (MIDI, 9.6kb, 0' 50", alien/halloween) by Daniel Rowe
Dive Park Disaster (MIDI, 6.6kb, 1' 23", roasted/rock) by Daniel Rowe
TrueJarski (MP3, 1.3Mb, 1' 12", crazy/silly) by Patrick May
J. S. Bach - Air on the G String (MP3, 6.2Mb, 8' 59", classical) by Jerzy Kulik

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Saturday 8th July 2006 - Finnish Latin - - copyright © 2006 Keith Bramich, all rights reserved. (5 k, 120 sec)
8th July 2003 - Ballybog - - copyright © Dan Rowe, 2003, all rights reserved. "Ballybogs: also known as Bog-a-Boos, Boggles, Boggans, Boggies, Mudbogs, Peat Fairies. Lives in peat bogs, mudholes. Mud-covered round bodies without necks, arms & legs spindly and long. No language, communicate with grunts. Ballybog unpleasant, Bogle has nasty temper, goes after people who are lazy or guilty of crimes." Also a town in Ireland. (12 k, 112 sec)
July 7th 2000 - Waltz Africana - - 3/4 time and chromatically based. Copyright © Ryan Marvin, 2000. All rights reserved. (7 k, 98 sec)
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Patriotic music (posted by Jim Taylor, 27 Jun 2015, 16:03)

I know many of you are from countries that do not celebrate July 4th, but how about posting a patriotic song from your country?

Sheet Music Plus (posted by Jim Taylor, 18 May 2015, 02:53)

Just a reminder that you can publish and sell your music at SHEET MUSIC PLUS. If you can create a score and parts and send in PDF files along with an MP3 recording, who knows how many people might purchase your music? Do you need someone to create these files from your music? Here I is! (naturally for a fee and I think half that fee should go to Keith)
A great way to kill time.
Clock Demolition

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