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Sequestered Nightmares After Midnight (MIDI, 33.3kb, ' 48", scrawny/darkcore) by Daniel Rowe
Rakastan (MIDI version) (MIDI, 41.8kb, 1' 32", silly/crazy) by Patrick May
Fantastic grace (MIDI, 33.8kb, 0' 25", hymn) by Patrick May
Rakastan (MP3, 1.5Mb, 1' 32", happy/crazy) by Patrick May
Nisarga (MIDI, 40.7kb, 1' 24", zen/ballad) by Daniel Rowe
Hymn Suite Number One for String Orchestra (MP3, 20.5Mb, 8' 51", hymn) by Jim Taylor
'I Must Tell Jesus' for Strings (MP3, 7.8Mb, 3' 23", hymn) by Jim Taylor
Amazaing Grace for Woodwind Quintet (MP3, 7.3Mb, 3' 8", hymn) by Jim Taylor
Amazing Grace for Strings (MP3, 7.3Mb, 3' 8", hymn) by Jim Taylor
Ramana (MIDI, 3.0kb, 1' 13", ballad) by Daniel Rowe
Hymn Four Horns Number 50 (MP3, 7.3Mb, 3' 5", hymn) by Jim Taylor
Foolish Icons (MIDI, 4.6kb, 2' 17", yummy/folk) by Daniel Rowe

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30th July 2004 - Pacre - - copyright © 2004 Keith Bramich, all rights reserved. (10 k, 55 sec)
July 31st 2001 - Quarterbach - - Copyright © Gerry Ellenson, 2001. All rights reserved. My stepson plays quarterback for Ft. Hays State University in Kansas, hence the name of this tune. >nudge nudge< It features a solo harpsichord. (6 k, 117 sec)
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AMAZING GRACE arrangement (posted by Jim Taylor, 20 Jun 2016, 03:02)

Hello fellow Cadenzians. I would like for you to do an arrangement of AMAZING GRACE in any style, key, or instrumentation. I just sent in number 50 of my horn quartets and it is AMAZING GRACE. Maybe your church uses different chords, or you can come up with something really new. When you hear my version, the first time through (after the intro) is pretty much right out of the hymn book. It is said that the melody to this this folk song was created using just the black keys on the piano. I am looking forward to your music.

Desktops Not Extinct Yet! (posted by Daniel Rowe, 6 May 2016, 23:53)

Like Jerzy and Patrick, I still use a desktop computer. My favorite version of Cakewalk (a sequencer program) is incompatible with my newer computer, so I use a HP Pavilion, at least 15 years old, for music-making. Kudos to HP for building a machine so reliable.

I started out on the Commodore 64, which had one cool feature: ring modulation and hard-sync sounds. You could actually make your own sci-fi sounds, like ray guns, quite easily. The Amiga came a little later, which Jerzy had.

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