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Homo-Mechanicus (MP3, 3.6Mb, 3' 58", electronic/experimental) by Jerzy Kulik
Woodlouse (MP3, 2.4Mb, 2' 38", electropop) by Jerzy Kulik
Serpent Night (MIDI, 10.8kb, 1' 14", animal) by Daniel Rowe
Python Day (MIDI, 2.8kb, 1' 9", animal) by Daniel Rowe
Questions (MP3, 3.2Mb, 3' 26", electronic/illustrative) by Jerzy Kulik
Nexos (MIDI, 54.6kb, 1' 48", exotica) by Daniel Rowe
Logos (MIDI, 129.7kb, 1' 39", serious) by Daniel Rowe
Magnesium (MP3, 961.1kb, 1' 6", computer) by Patrick May
Einar (MP3, 2.7Mb, 2' 33", sad/strange) by Patrick May
Pop a la Bach (MP3, 3.9Mb, 4' 16", electronic/pop) by Jerzy Kulik
Bodhicitta (MIDI, 40.0kb, 1' 25", tender/ballad) by Daniel Rowe
Pareidolia (MIDI, 122.3kb, 1' 51", happy/insect) by Daniel Rowe

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Sunday 24th April 2005 - Bone jesu from Songs of Missing (Lovizol Concerts 41), dedicated to V H S F - - copyright © 2005 Ricardo Frantz (lovizol at terra DOT com dot br), all rights reserved. (4 k, 100 sec)
24th April 2002 - Oleoneptric - an "old age" techno number from Jim Taylor. Copyright © 2002 James K Taylor, all rights reserved. (20 k, 125 sec)
April 24th 1999 - Thigypok - (8 k, 139 sec)
(From 19 November 1997 until 18 November 2006 we featured one new original MIDI file each day - there are well over 3000 of these, and we'll feature some different ones each day. These are all smallish MIDI files, and suitable for downloading quickly via dial-up connections.)


Diary working again (posted by Keith, 17 Feb 2017, 21:03)

Something strange happened to the Diary in Jan and Feb 2017 - it should be ok again now, but if you sent something in recently and don't see it, please just send it again!
DVW Invention
A DVW Invention

Dan's remixes (posted by Patrick May, 8 Sep 2016, 00:28)

Dan, cool stuff! That's an interesting interpretation of my song 'Johnny'. The ending is especially interesting - you seem to have emphasized the sombre emotional tone which was present in the original version of the song.

Your version of Blarg is cool too. It has your distinctive style, but it maintains the character of the original song.

If you want to do more, I encourage it. Combining ideas from two or more songs is a cool idea, it'd be interesting to hear the result.

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