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Chris Hooper's theme (MIDI, 3.1kb, 0' 31", electronic) by Patrick May
Jarski New (MP3, 1.1Mb, 0' 57", electronic/electropop) by Patrick May
Rap music is the voice of black people (MP3, 2.0Mb, 1' 30", smoothjazz/electronic) by Patrick May
The Neoprene Lizards (MIDI, 4.3kb, 1' 44", folk/neoclassical) by Daniel Rowe
Plymouth (MIDI, 3.7kb, 1' 46", folk) by Daniel Rowe
Jarski is such a great guy (mp3 version) (MP3, 2.6Mb, 2' 2", pop/crazy) by Patrick May
Jarski is such a great guy (MIDI, 90.6kb, 2' 1", pop/crazy) by Patrick May
Horn of Plenty (MIDI, 2.9kb, 1' 31", folk) by Daniel Rowe
The Stone Rose (MIDI, 33.2kb, 2' 51", gamemusic) by Kit Furber
Beneath The Stars, Fire (MIDI, 29.6kb, 3' 53", ambientelectronica/gamemusic) by Kit Furber
Repossession (MIDI, 52.6kb, 1' 25", halloween) by Daniel Rowe
Joy (MP3, 10.4Mb, 4' 30", christmas) by Jim Taylor

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Sunday 18th December 2005 - Shakar - - copyright © 2005 Keith Bramich, all rights reserved. (16 k, 56 sec)
18th December 2002 - Feelin' Dat I Got Ta Use - - copyright © Troy S Carlson, 2002, all rights reserved. I picture Will Smith in front of a McDonalds drive thru window singing this one. I'm sorry, but I just couldn't let the whole episode go without this piece. (14 k, 110 sec)
December 18th 1999 - The Time has Come - - copyright © 1999, Oskar Schuster ( - all rights reserved. A piece sounding a bit like classical music mixed with rock music. (33 k, 187 sec)
(From 19 November 1997 until 18 November 2006 we featured one new original MIDI file each day - there are well over 3000 of these, and we'll feature some different ones each day. These are all smallish MIDI files, and suitable for downloading quickly via dial-up connections.)


Thanks, Patrick! (posted by Dan Rowe, 3 Dec 2014, 09:44)

The Diary has been around since November 1997, so it's now seventeen years old. I've often wondered what happened to people like Javier Dominguez Gomez, Robert W. Thompson, Azer Mantessa, and Bob Kusiolek. Hope they are doing well, and haven't given up on music. And thanks, Keith, for keeping CMD alive!
ahead of their time!

1600 (posted by Patrick, 27 Nov 2014, 05:19)

Congratulations Dan Rowe for uploading the 1600th song since November 2006.

Time passes quickly. 2006 doesn't seem all that long ago, but it's already 8, nearly 9 years ago now.

A random picture I had saved on my smartphone.

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