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Turiya (MIDI, 2.2kb, 0' 55", ballad) by Daniel Rowe
Flake City (MIDI, 7.0kb, 1' 03", rocknroll) by Daniel Rowe
The Center of the Cyclone (MIDI, 2.9kb, 1' 10", quirky) by Daniel Rowe
Melita Meanderings (MP3, 7.4Mb, 5' 19", hymn/classical) by Keith Bramich
Full Moon Waltz (MIDI, 319.0kb, 1' 18", waltz) by Daniel Rowe
Quicksilver (MIDI, 4.5kb, 1' 21", bluegrass) by Daniel Rowe
Samuel Conway PhD (MP3, 2.2Mb, 1' 51", silly/crazy) by Patrick May
Free Will (MIDI, 3.4kb, 1' 20", ballad/waltz) by Daniel Rowe
Lost Ship (MP3, 3.6Mb, 3' 53", electronic/illustrative) by Jerzy Kulik
Moonlight Sonata (with added percussion) (MP3, 16.1Mb, 7' 0", classical/romantic) by Jim Taylor
Tenderfoot (MIDI, 3.1kb, 0' 57", easy/andeannewage) by Daniel Rowe
Einar (MIDI version) (MIDI, 45.3kb, 2' 35", ambient/strange) by Patrick May

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22nd April 2004 - Printemps 2004 - - copyright © 2004 Denis Desbiens, all rights reserved. This is what I feel this spring. The flute reminds me of a spring bird. (10 k, 313 sec)
April 23rd 2001 - Back to Work - by Jim Taylor. Copyright © 2001 James K Taylor, all rights reserved. There are limits to what a computer can produce musically. As I was composing this little seven measure piece, I had the "illegal operation" notice showing up numerous times. Man is only limited by his imagination. Computers are limited by the lack of imagination of the computer makers. (24 k, 47 sec)
April 23rd 1998 - Breeze - for solo clarinet (3 k, 66 sec)
(From 19 November 1997 until 18 November 2006 we featured one new original MIDI file each day - there are well over 3000 of these, and we'll feature some different ones each day. These are all smallish MIDI files, and suitable for downloading quickly via dial-up connections.)


Beethoven! (posted by Dan Rowe, 31 Jan 2019, 19:22)

Jim ought to know better than to leave out the author of this piece: Ludwig van Beethoven.

Portrait by Joseph Karl Stieler

Jim Taylor's arrangement of the Adventures of Dr. Franken theme (posted by Patrick May, 25 Jan 2019, 15:17)

I enjoyed Jim Taylor's very relaxing arrangement of the Adventures of Dr. Franken theme. It's quite a lot more subdued and sombre than the original. Of course, I enjoy the original too.
Here's the original on youtube, if anyone is interested:
The Adventures of Dr. Franken
The Adventures of Dr. Franken

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