What are the rules? Please look at the following checklist before submitting any music.
By clicking the link to accept our terms and conditions for uploading music, you agree to all the following :

> Your piece must be original and by you.
> You must own the copyright on all music, video, text and images that you upload.
> You must give us permission to store each piece on the server.
> You must use your real name, not a 'handle' or nickname.
> You must not be a member of a professional royalty-collection organization such as ASCAP, PRS, SACEM etc.
> You must agree not to charge Cadenza or Orion Computer Consultants Ltd. any royalties or performance rights for your material, and not to take any legal action against Cadenza or Orion Computer Consultants Ltd. arising from the availability of your files on the Cadenza website.
> Pieces in any style are accepted. (Please contact us if the style isn't shown in the list on our form.)
> Music files are accepted in MIDI, MP3, Apple Quicktime (.mov) (with or without video), WAV (although not recommended), Windows Media (.wmv), Adobe Flash (.swf) and MPEG 4 Video (.m4v) formats. We'll only accept a video format if there's some musical content. The file must be self-contained and not reference files on another website - .M3U, .QTL and .SMIL formats not allowed.
> You can resubmit your older MIDI files already in our archive (those published before 19 November 2006) if you wish.
> The total size of each submission, including your sound file and any photos, can be up to 2 gigabytes, although this has so far only been tested with files as big as 54Mb.
> If your photo is wider than 640 pixels, it will be resized automatically on display, but should keep the same aspect ratio.
> We reserve the right to delete or amend any submissions without giving a reason.

If you've read the checklist and all's ok then you can upload your piece directly to our server. If possible please provide a description for each piece, and maybe an image of some kind, as this makes things more interesting. New pieces appear as soon as they've been checked - normally within a few hours.


Please note that on successful upload, the message "updated" will be shown at the top of the normal MIDI Diary listing page. If an error occurs during your upload, the form will be redisplayed with the error message shown next to the box in which something needs fixing.

If you're uploading very large files, be patient! (Might be worth trying a smaller upload first, if you haven't used this before.)

If your piece doesn't appear within a day or two, please send us a message.


The Cadenza MIDI Diary names, concept and page designs are copyright © 1997-2024, all rights reserved. The copyrights of individual authors is upheld. Uncredited MIDI files in the archive are © Keith Bramich. You may not republish or make use of any musical or graphical material from this site without the permission of the copyright owner(s).