The Happy Farmer Meets Red Wing

by James K. Taylor

This is a combination of "The Happy Farmer", a piano piece by Schumann, and the old traditional fiddle tune "Red Wing". At the beginning of the piece, we see the Happy Farmer working on his farm. He is very excited about a mail order bride named Red Wing because she will soon arrive from back east.That night, he attends a dance and soon he is dancing with a young lady named Daisey. HE forgets about Red Wing and proposes to Daisey. She declines because of his financial situation, and especially his mode of transportation. He headed home and soon, he starts thinking about Red Wing. Someone shouts, "She's coming round the mountain!" They met, got married, and The Happy Farmer and Red Wing lived many years in perfect harmony.

I arranged this with the Finale Music Software, At the end of the piece, listen for "Here comes the bride" and the last measure makes reference to the opening Happy Farmer theme. The waltz in the middle is original and it was after the piece was finished, I realized "Daisey, Daisey" would go with my waltz. (A bad habit I have. I can't play anything wihout thinking of another song to go with the one I am playing.) Enjoy.

If the music doesn't play automatically, or you want to download the file (for personal use only) try clicking here.

The Happy Farmer Meets Red Wing, copyright James K. Taylor, all rights reserved (posted 4 Jul 2022, 11:30)