by Jim Taylor

My arrangement of an old country song named Redwing. The melody is actually from a classical piece. The words went something like this: "There once was an Indian maid" and that's all the words I ever learned.

This was usually the first piece my dad, my brother Kelbert, and I would play when we had our after-supper jam sessions down at the farm in Richland Springs, Texas. Dad would get his fiddle, Kelbert would get his bassoon or accordion, and I would sit down at the piano, or get my fiddle or French Horn. We would play for hours, no printed music, just good old songs. Granddaddy and grandmother would sit there jus' digging it. As we played, we would become almost musically intoxicated with wilder and wilder variations, counter melodies and would laugh with glee when dad would skip a beat. Sometimes, we never know how much fun we had until much later in life.

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Redwing copyright Jim Taylor, all rights reserved (posted 30 Apr 2007, 00:35)