Circle of 4ths Scale Study

by Jim Taylor

This is all twelve major scales written in "all-region rhythm". Percussion has new rhythm for each scale using mallets, snare drum, and either the single bass drum part or four bass drums (quads can use the four bass drum part also). At the end of each scale is the one, four, five 7, one chord progression. I started working on this about my third year of teaching. That was 38 years ago. I ran a CIRCLE 4 Club with my bands. Any student that could play all twelve scales perfect, from memory, in three minutes made the club (at quarter = 120, it only takes two minutes). Percussion had to perform the scales on a mallet instrument with the same criteria as well as play the snare part with music Those who achieved perfection had their names placed on a plaque and they were awarded extra privileges. This was mostly at middle schools and I even had three sixth grade beginners make the club. This is for sale at SHEET MUSIC PLUS.COM as are many of my songs here at CADENZA. Just go to sheet music plus and do a search for James K. Taylor. Enjoy.

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