The Cadenza MIDI Diary

Sad music

Alone by James K. Taylor
SM-3 by James K. Taylor
Orpheus and Eurydice by Daniel Rowe
The Oracle by Daniel Rowe
Hardtimer by Patrick May
The Cimmerian by Daniel Rowe
Special Friends by Patrick May
Einar by Patrick May
Chopin Prelude Opus 28, No.20) For Band by Jim Taylor
Good bye, Michelle by Jim Taylor
Thursday's Chorale by Jim Taylor
Namxat by Daniel Rowe
Sakineh by Daniel Rowe
Phy by Patrick May
Benson (bass guitar version) by Patrick May
Benson by Patrick May
A Ballad for the 9th Grade by Jim Taylor
A Lament For the 5th Grade by Jim Taylor
Goodbye, Morgan and McKena by Jim Taylor

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