Golden Dave Harris

by Patrick May

Some of the notation and sequence data from this song
Some of the notation data from this song

This is a short song I made in a one-hour music composition contest, which takes place in a certain IRC chatroom several times each month.
In this contest, the contestants are given a set of wave samples to make a song with.

This is the song I made using the samples which were provided.

Warning!!! I'd like to warn you that one of the samples was in fact a word (taken from an online audio dictionary) which some people may find offensive. So, if it might offend you, you should probably avoid listening to this particular song.
I'd like to apologize if anyone is offended. I mean no offense - this word is used purely in a musical sense. There's no actual meaning behind it in this case.
There was also another sampled dictionary word, which was "Yeah".
Both of these samples were taken from Merriam-Webster dictionary.

It may be best to listen to this song with headphones, for the reasons stated above. And once again, I apologize if you find this inappropriate.

The song was made using OpenMPT, an open-source free software 'tracker' program.

If the music doesn't play automatically, or you want to download the file (for personal use only) try clicking here.

Golden Dave Harris, copyright Patrick May, all rights reserved (posted 21 Nov 2009, 19:47)