Joe Devins and Michael Fonos - Ultraviolated!

by Michael Fonos

OK! At the beginning I'd like to thank Joe Devins to let me use his Ultraviolet track and add my own things to his fantastic, dynamic track. This was done in a short amount of time and I would'n say it's finished but still I wasn't able to restrain and wanted to show the result immediately!:)
I'd also like to encourage other composers who share their music on Cadenza Midi Diary to try and share their different styles in one track.
Even if you don't like the final outcome you always know that your music inspired soemone else to work on your idea. All in all, we compose because we love music and in that way we can pass the idea, add to it and make it live longer as a mutual, creative effort. I would definitely like to hear more music that evolves, splits the credit and hopefully makes us more creative:)

As far as "Ultraviolet 5 " is concerned I basicaly used Joe's music but added my own "descending" guitar motif. Joe's track was much more well structured - I brought some chaos to it (especially at the end:). I only slightly added to the percussion in some places, changed one or two instruments, added some string layers and some notes from time to time.

I hope that at least some of you would like and be willing to try a similar music experiment, as the process is really enjoyable... and a little scary as some my say that I simply VIOLATED Joe's effort. Still a great fun and honour! Thank you for being brave and let me spoil your track Joe:) - Michael Fonos

If the music doesn't play automatically, or you want to download the file (for personal use only) try clicking here.

Joe Devins and Michael Fonos - Ultraviolated!, copyright Michael Fonos, all rights reserved (posted 8 Jun 2008, 16:56)