The Stone Rose

by Kit Furber

Another gamey piece, this one intended to be background music for a busier town. There are a couple of other tracks built off the same rhythm for different parts of the area, and a variant of the melody used for a character theme. The game may be defunct, but the tracks still exist.

Apologies that it's a little quiet; the tracks for this game were mixed a little lower than normal so as not to cause issues when other sounds were layered on them.

From the readme:

"The Stone Rose was originally going to be a city carved into the top of a mountain. The name came from the 'petals' protruding from the mountain - a series of large, stacked plates on which the districts making up the city were built. A place of outward majesty, but inward corruption.

With the title piece, I've tried to introduce all of the main themes in the rest of the set. The focus for the set isn't a melody, but instead the underlying rhythm - the heartbeat of the city. There are some darker elements hiding in there, but it's intended to be a light piece overall."

If the music doesn't play automatically, or you want to download the file (for personal use only) try clicking here.

The Stone Rose, copyright Kit Furber, all rights reserved (posted 28 Oct 2014, 09:55)