Heavier Metal

by Kit Furber

Video game boss theme. Wohoo!

I was big on the idea that every boss would have its own theme, instead of sharing a generic one. After all, a boss - if done right - is a significant character in its own game. No point giving a big, slow, walking tank like this a fast paced thrash metal theme - it just wouldn't fit. Likewise, a lightning bruiser type opponent is a bad fit for something slow and orchestral...

Maybe I'm just mad. Iunno.

This particular opponent was planned to be a six-legged tank, similar in principle to the tanks in GITS. Basically, you'd have to wear down the HP pool on at least three of its limbs while diving to cover when it started blasting. Cover would deteriorate with damage, forcing the player to keep moving from cover to cover. Combine that with the tank having some grenade style weapons to flush you out, and the ability to demolish cover by simply walking into it, and there's your 'baddy'. Early fight, so didn't want to throw anything to taxing at the player while they were still getting used to game mechanics, and players that had moved up the skill tree early would have been able to knock it out pretty quickly.

If the music doesn't play automatically, or you want to download the file (for personal use only) try clicking here.

Heavier Metal, copyright Kit Furber, all rights reserved (posted 9 Sep 2015, 21:45)