The Cadenza MIDI Diary

Computer music

(OM-9) Run For Your Life by James K. Taylor
Magnesium by Patrick May
sdf32 by Patrick May
My man Johnny by Patrick May
Jarski is a really great guy by Patrick May
ALS4000exp by Patrick May
Rap music is the voice of black people (Famitracker version) by Patrick May
Sinepost by Keith Bramich
Amazing Maze by Karlheinz Essl
Goodbye and see you soon by Keith Bramich
Heading For Cincy by Jim Taylor
Miniature Duo by Ricardo Frantz
Suites Fioretti - Suite II - 4. Canzona by Ricardo Frantz
Suites Fioretti - Suite II - 3. Passepied by Ricardo Frantz
Instrumental Aria by Ricardo Frantz
Fioretti Suites I - Ouverture by Ricardo Frantz

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