The Wailer

by Azer Mantessa

They were both totally worlds apart. He was very hesitant but his lady kept on persuading him. As to fulfill his lady's need on being 'happening' at the higher level, they both went. It was a huge grand ballroom. He felt so caste out. When the music started, he wondered why he was there in the first place. His lady gave-up and helped herself to the floor. She lost in the dancing crowd. A note soon reached him saying, "I belong to them now and I don't mind being with those who own the world". He was deceived and then left. Only then he realized love is not blind after all. Least he expected to be insulted by ... Waltz. He then became ... The Wailer.

Dedicated to the wailer.

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The Wailer copyright Azer Mantessa, all rights reserved (posted 16 Aug 2007, 15:49)